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OMS Side Mount Rec Adaptor

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8 329,58 руб

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A Modular Component for your OMS Buoyancy Compensators. The OMS Sidemount Rec Adapter makes your own Harness, Backplate & Wing into a Full Sidemount System. Designed to be used with the OMS Performance Mono, Deep Ocean or Tesseract Wing

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8 329,58 руб

OMS Side Mount Rec Adaptor 

The OMS Side Mount Adapter is a modular component for your OMS buoyancy compensators. The adapter brings full side mount functionality and value to your OMS buoyancy compensator by eliminating the need and expense of a dedicated side mount system. The OMS modular design approach gives you the flexibility and adaptability needed to meet the changing and evolving demands as your underwater exploration expands.

The OMS Rec Side Mount Adapter is designed to be used with the OMS Performance Mono, Deep Ocean or Tesseract Wing.

The OMS Sidemount Tech or Rec adapter makes your own Harness, backplate and wing into a full sidemount system! It is suitable for use with any harness, backplate, IQ Backpack and OMS Performance Mono, Deep Ocean or Tesseract Wings. The adapter is attached to the backplate with book screws (not included) and crotch strap, holding it securely in place and ensures that the wing does not fold up like a "butterfly". Rear lower handles to attach bottles and a center holder for canisters as well as many useful D-rings ensure that all accessories find their place! A great system for a low-cost entry into sidemount diving!



  • Designed for the open water side-mount divers
  • Mount the adapter on a variety of wings and harness systems
  • Book screws are required but not included, to hold the adapter in place on an IQ or Back Plate
  • The Rec Adapter has multiple 1" (25 mm) stainless steel D-rings (6)
  • Fit easily on double cylinder configurations
  • Slots allow divers to mount single cylinders and carry Deco gases
  • Re-Breather divers can carry bailout bottles in a side-mount configuration
  • Made from durable 1000-denier nylon materials
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Код продукта A11518062-CP
Производителю OMS
Тип товара Sidemounts